Best 8 Places to Buy High-Quality Floor Tiles Online

Whether you are newly building a residential space or renovating an existing commercial building, you will need to get high-quality floor tiles to give the entire area a perfect look. 

Now, how to bring the best floor tiles to the site for installation seems to be one of the significant challenges of several interior designers. In most cases, they would have to arrange with a logistics firm (if they want to buy in large quantities) to take the ties from a local shop and bring them down to size.

But not many people know that buying tiles online is way better and faster. Yes! You don’t have to necessarily go through the hurdles of searching for local tile shops within and outside your neighborhood; you can sit at the comfort of your home and visit an online tile store to order your floor tiles in the correct quantity.  

Some believe that it is better to visit a local shop as it would allow them to see the tiles physically and properly check their goods before they pay. Well, that’s in a way correct, but little did they know that they can do all the proper checking, price consideration, and home delivery when they buy online. 

Online purchases will give them all that benefits in an upgraded dimension. You would be open to more comprehensive options in terms of color, texture, and price. What seems to be the only low point about online purchases is trust. And, you can beat that if you know where to look. 

So, what are the credible online tile shops where you can get your high-quality floor tiles for your renovation or improvement works? Here are the best eight you can trust.

1. AllModern 

AllModern is one of the most sought-after sources for interior décor and furniture items. Not only that, they are well known as a credible go-to option when it comes to purchasing high-quality floor tiles of various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. There is dedicated space for different flooring materials at the time improvement section of this online store, including durable floor tiles of other classes.

AllModern is an excellent source of floor tiles, backsplash tiles, shower and bathroom tiles, and more. They also have a trusted home delivery service to get your tiles to your doorstep no matter the location. The store also deals in peel and stick tiles. To buy from them, visit  

 2. Overstock

As the name suggests, Overstock has a seeming overstock of different types of tiles and other flooring materials. This online tile store can get top-quality furniture and interior décor items at a very affordable price. Without a doubt, It’s chock full of floor tiles options. 

If you are running on a low budget, you can consider Overstock as a good option. The tiles of this online store have 84 pages with comprehensive options at every price point, color, pattern, and texture you can ever imagine. You can rest assured that you will find the right floor tiles for your renovation project, no matter your taste and preference. The official website is

3. Joss & Main

This online tile store is a perfect destination for all kinds of floor tiles and interior home décor items. There is nothing of interior décor you can’t find at Joos & main. The online store boasts of its capacity to always supply every customer with the correct quantity of their purchases. 

From ceramics to mosaic floor tiles, you can get plenty of different options to make the interior and exterior space look their best.

Joss & Main’s website makes it easier for you to shop without stress. You can easily find the perfect fit for your style and intended design. The site enables you to search by tile design, color, shape, material, size, price, and more. To buy from this online store, visit

4. The Builder Depot 

This online tile store features a massive inventory where you can find almost anything you want regarding home décor items and flooring materials. The Builder Depot provides a broader option for many floor tiles designs and shapes, including hexagon mosaic, subway tiles, and many more. The site is user-friendly, and that alone is one of the reasons many people prefer to shop with them. You can search for your chosen floor tiles by brand name, type, size, texture, and finish on this website. Visit to make your purchases. 

5. The Tile Shop

The Tile Shop offers you a carefully-curated collection of top-quality beautiful floor tiles for your home improvement projects. Some of their bestselling floor tiles are white marble tiles with purple veining. The site is full of an array of gorgeous wall and floor tiles suitable for both interior and exterior renovation projects. To buy from this online tile store, visit

6. Artistic Tile

If what you want is luxurious floor tiles that will transform your home into a mini paradise, Artistic Tile shop is one of the best places to shop. Artistic Tile is a go-to destination for floor tiles that makes a bold statement. I can bet you this online store has high-quality floor tiles that you have never seen before. Meanwhile, they are not dealing in floor tiles alone, you can also get high-end wall tiles, and other exotic home décor items for your home improvement works. visit 

7. Home Depot 

Home Depot is a go-to destination for your home improvement needs. Many options are waiting for you on this online store, whether floor tiles, wall tiles, high-end furniture, and the like. 

As the name suggests, Home Depot is the best delivery service. They will bring your goods to the exact location regardless of the number of your purchased items. To buy your floor tiles from this site, visit 

8. Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile is the place to go for high-quality floor tiles. They deal only in best quality hoe décor materials, and they are proud of that. What seems to be a downside of this online store is that you might not want to check if you are looking for cheap tiles for your home improvement project. Their official website is 

Final Words 

Shopping for floor tiles online is always stress-free and provides you with a broader range of options. Also, you wouldn’t have to move from one shop to another before you compare prices. All you have to do is open a competitive site to check for the price difference. The above-listed online stores are credible. You can get your floor tiles of any quality and quantity. Click here to read about Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021.