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Hardwood Floor Finishing



These finishes remain on the surface of the floor and form a protective coating. Polyurethane, "Swedish Finish", Moisture Cured Urethane, and Water Based Urethanes to name a few are blends of synthetic resins, plasticizers, and other film-forming ingredients. All are durable, moisture resistant finishes. These finishes are generally available in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte, except moisture cured urethane. Any one of them is a good choice for a kitchen where there is exposure to water splashing or spills.

Oil Modified Polyurethane is generally the most common surface finish. It is durable and moisture resistant, and generally the easiest to apply. This type finish tends to amber slightly as it ages.

Water based finishes (Urethane and/or Acrylic combinations)

These are clear, durable, non-yellowing and are non-flammable at time of application. They generally have advantages similar to Oil Modified Urethanes without the odor of mineral spirits, and they dry much faster.

Moisture Cure urethanes are harder and more moisture resistant than the other surface finishes and are generally available only in gloss. They cure by absorbing minute quantities of moisture from the air, which causes them to dry and harden. Relative humidity is critical to the curing process. Follow manufacturer’s directions. These finishes are extremely difficult to apply properly and are best left to the professional.

"Swedish Finishes" (Acid Cure Urethanes) are also durable finishes, generally harder than polyurethanes. They are clear, fast drying and resist yellowing. Type of undercoat, working time, number of coats, and other factors are all critical and make application difficult. These finishes should be applied ONLY by the highly skilled.

If a SURFACE FINISH is to be applied (i.e. Polyurethane, Water Based Urethane, etc.) after the application of stain and sealer, be sure the floors are completely dry. Follow by buffing the sealed floor with #1 steel wool, a buffing pad or a fine screen and completely vacuum up residue.  If water based urethane is to be applied NEVER use steel wool. Steel fibers rust on contact with water and will discolor the finish. Use an abrasive nylon screen or fiber buffing pad (white or brown).

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