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Hardwood Floor Finishing


refinished hardwood stairsPenetrating Seal.

This sealer soaks into the hardwood pores and hardens to seal the floor. It wears only as the wood wears, will not chip or scratch and is generally maintained by thin applications of wax. After years of wear the floor can usually be restored without sanding by cleaning it and applying another coat of sealer or a special reconditioning product. Worn areas can usually be refinished without showing lap marks when new finish is applied over the old. A penetrating sealer may also contain stain which colors the wood while sealing it.

Stain or stain sealer combination.

Staining is the first step in the finishing process if other than a natural finish is desired. The oil stain with a penetrating sealer in combination is generally easiest to apply and accomplishes two things, coloring and sealing, in one application. Stain only (without sealers) requires more care with the application in order to avoid uneven coloration and lap marks. A stain only generally requires 8 hours or less to dry (Read directions carefully if you try this on your own). The combination products (stain and sealer) require at least overnight or up to 48+ hours to dry in stagnant, damp, or humid conditions.

Fast-drying sealers and stains.

These products should be used only by a person who is accustomed to handling and applying them. The mechanic should be able to complete the job within the allotted drying time to avoid lap marks or a splotchy appearance. With a sealer/wax system, most manufacturers recommend two coats of a penetrating sealer, then wax. A reconditioning product is generally available for use when traffic or other conditions cause discoloration or wear of the finish. These reconditioning products restore the floor to its original appearance without the need for sanding. With a surface finished system, one coat of sealer generally followed by two coats of the surface application produce satisfactory results. FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S DIRECTIONS IF YOU WANT TO TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN.

Application: Stain or penetrating sealer can be applied by hand wiping with rags, by brushing, or with a lambs wool applicator. Start application in one corner along one edge of the room and move with the direction of the flooring. Use a paint brush to apply to flooring at wall lines. "Cut in" about 2" or 3" from walls to avoid smearing moldings. Apply liberally with rags along the length of the starting wall in a strip you can reach across.

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