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Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation

M & F Hardwood Floors, Inc. strives to delivery to its customers the best quality hardwood floor available at a competitive price. In addition, we are keenly aware that often times the quality of the floor is directly linked to the quality of workmanship, which is performed by M & F professional installers.

Furthermore, hardwood flooring is a natural product produced from kiln-dried lumber and like all kiln-dried products, hardwood flooring requires special care in storage, handling, and installation. Our wood flooring is manufactured according to strict standards in efforts to ensure a better finished product from manufacture to installation to finish and beyond. In terms of moisture, M & F requires all hardwood flooring be manufactured at 6-9% moisture content with a 5% allowance for pieces outside that range, up to 12%, and to fit a "GO, NO-GO" NOFMA flooring gauge.

M & F strives to insure that the moisture content is maintained by implementing the following safe guard policies and hardwood flooring installation practices:

  • M & F Hardwood flooring shall not be exposed to rain, snow or excessive moisture conditions during transport or loading and unloading of the shipping vehicle. If these excessive moisture conditions are present, the flooring should be covered with a tarpaulin during shipment and loaded or unloaded in a protective, covered area.

  • Before delivery we will check the job site. The flooring should not be exposed to high humidity or moisture once delivered. Prior to delivery of the wood flooring:

Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation