Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021

Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021

Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021

Have you ever wondered why most homeowners become more meticulous when choosing floor tiles for their bathrooms? Allow me to put you in the picture. 

First off, the bathroom is the most visited place in a home. And due to its unique functionality, you need to make every necessary effort to ensure that it is more comfortable for users, whether you, relatives, or guests.

In reality, your bathroom needs to look its best. It should be so inviting that people will always want to use it even after a single visit.  

Meanwhile, the best way to show off your bathroom and make it an exciting place to visit for everyone is to bring out a rare beauty from the bathroom floor. And there seems no other way to make that happen than carefully choosing versatile floor tiles to create sensational designs on your bathroom floor.

Now, you don’t have to unnecessarily spend so much money on luxurious flooring materials before you bring that mouthwatering glamour out of your bathroom. All you need to do is get quality floor tiles and blend them to create incredible designs on the bathroom floor – that is a more cost-effective and less stressful way.

Although your interior designer might suggest plenty of bathroom floor tile design ideas for you, it is always better if you have been familiar with the different designs available. That way, you will make an informed decision when your home interior designer loads you with options.

Without much ado, let’s take a look at the list of the most trendy bathroom flooring designs you can create with floor tiles and get excellent results. Visit to read about Best 8 Places to Buy High-Quality Floor Tiles Online.

1. Reclaimed Wood Effect Floor Tiles 

This design is one of the best that is currently trending, especially in less expensive homes. When you enter a bathroom with this fantastic design on the floor, you will most likely hold for some seconds to revisualize the uniqueness of its glamour. 

Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021

Reclaimed wood looks good on bathroom floors if you combine the pieces with quality tiles with a less glossy surface. It constantly projects a perfect combination of fine textures and smooth finishes, making your bathroom floor look different and active. The reclaimed wood effect floor ties come from porcelain. It is cheaper and easier to maintain compared to several other bathroom flooring tiles design options. 

2. Galena Pattern Floor Tiles 

If you want to create a monochrome look for your bathroom, Galena pattern tiles are your best option available. These floor tiles are perfect for creating unique designs on your bathroom floor. Galena pattern tiles make a bold statement that every visitor will easily decode as they step into the place. 

Being a patchwork of white and black Moroccan patterns and designs, they will inject excellent character on your bathroom floor tiles. They are more common in luxury homes; you can also upgrade your bathroom to a luxurious one with this simple, eye-catching design.

3. Harley Street Floor Tiles 

When it comes to choosing a one-of-a-kind floor tiles design for your bathroom, Harley street tiles are one fabulous idea. It projects a striking statement on your bathroom floor and makes it look inviting to everyone that once enters the bathroom space.

Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021

This design makes your entire bathroom space look calm and comfortable. Though it’s different from the usual black and white design, it makes your bathroom floor look exclusive. 

Patterned floor tiles are always great options for decorating the floor of a bathroom as they allow you to create an incredible geometric design with much vintage appeal.

4. White Oak Wood Effect Floor Tiles

I am hundred percent sure you will love this wood effect look on your bathroom floor. It doesn’t end there; every other inhabitant of your home (including your visiting friends will pat you on the back for this outstanding design. 

In most cases, this design becomes a preference for homeowners that find reclaimed floor tiles a little bit darker for what they want. These white-washed oak wood effect floor tiles are a better alternative for you if the reclaimed effect will not do. 

Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021

They are excellent for creating an attractive, spa-like Scandi look on your bathroom floor. They will also give you a gorgeous glimmering polished finish.

5. Vintage Wood Floor Tiles

Are you looking for a way to make your bathroom project a natural look with a fantastic design? Vintage wood floor tiles are your best bet to make that happen. Generally, wood effect tiles are best for creating a casual look in your bathroom space. If you don’t find the white wood effect I mentioned earlier in this list, you will love what these vintage wood tiles have to offer. 

Best 8 Floor Tiles Design Ideas for Bathrooms In 2021

They are perfect for creating exceptional caret effect designs. They also offer a gripping anti-slip finish which makes you confident as you step in and out of your bathroom space.

6. Cappella Marbel Effect Floor Tiles

These marble effect tiles make your bathroom more comfortable. When you come back from a long and stressful day, you would like to calm your nerves in a nice warm bath, soaking yourself in the bubbles to unwind; that is what you get when you install Cappella marble effect floor tiles in your bathroom space. 

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They are perfect for creating a soothing décor scheme with their lifelike active veining, allowing you to relax for as long as you want in your bathroom. 

7. Rokkakkei Hexagon Floor Tiles 

The Hexagon is one of the most trending shapes in the interior design world, which adds to the reason these Rokkakkei Hexagon tiles are becoming the most sought after when it comes to bathroom floor design. These unique floor tiles come with a collection of different attractive colors, textures, and finishes. They are all you need to create a captivating honeycomb bathroom floor design. 

Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles - Beautifully textured and perfectly shaped,  allowing you to peice together a wall display like… | Hexagon tiles, Hexagon,  Hexagon tile wall

8. Arundel Pattern Floor Tiles 

As mentioned earlier, pattern bathroom floor tiles are gorgeous and perfect for an impressive bathroom upgrade. When creating a striking statement for your bathroom floor, Arundel pattern floor tiles are great options. 

Arundel Tile Design | Victorian Floor Tiles |

Final Words 

Your bathroom deserves everything to look its best, so give it your best with the above-listed trending bathroom floor designs. Meanwhile, if using floor tiles alone gets boring to you, you may add some fabulous furniture and accessories to bring out the unique beauty not only in your bathroom floor but also in the entire bathroom space.